From September until December 2010 I worked with Scottish broadcaster STV on a project to bring their archive of TV series to YouTube. This involved filming a series of video interviews, interviewing actors and writers and creating news items based on archive TV series for the STV website.

I’ve written a fuller account of my main project, the return of 1979’s Charles Endell, Esquire to YouTube, including coverage I secured in the Radio Times and a feature in the Sunday Mail, on my main blog.

Here are a selection of news items/videos created during this period.

Robert Banks Stewart on creating Charles Endell, Esquire

Who was Charles Endell, Esquire? The history of Glasgow’s finest entrepreneur

Video: The Wit and Wisdom of Charles Endell, Esquire

Video: Charles Endell, Esquire: trailer

The critics return their verdicts on Charles Endell, Esquire

Video: Remembering Charles Endell Esquire – 1979 ITV Technicians’ Strike

Interview: Tony Osoba on Charles Endell, Esquire

Charles Endell, Esquire TV Times cover

Video: Remembering Charles Endell, Esquire: The cast

Taggart’s John Michie leaves Maryhill for the Highlands

Ian McCulloch discusses The Flight of the Heron

Finding life murder without Taggart? Let STVPlayer help

Taggart’s Mark McManus swaps murders for macramé in Dramarama

From Hollywood to Heron: Finlay Currie’s starring role in STV drama

Classic STV Muppets interview now on YouTube